Braille Transcription - Business Cards

  • Accessible Printing's braille business cards make good business sense. 
  • A business card is often the only thing a customer will take away from an encounter with you.
  • Make sure it's memorable.
  • Braille business cards are remarkable!
  • Braille business cards make a strong positive statement about the individual as well as the company they represent.
  • Braille business cards give immediate information to people with visual impairments while leaving a lasting impression on the community at large.
  • Accessible Printing is Canada's premier certified producer of high quality braille business cards.
  • We can braille a single box of business cards or a million with well defined, uniform, easy to read braille - quickly and economically.
  • When you send your standard, printed cards to Accessible Printing, we will braille them with your name, your organization's name and your phone number.
  • Larger cards can also be brailled and can accommodate more information than regular cards.

Contact us and one of our Account Managers will be pleased to help you with your organization, communication and transcription requirements. 


We thank you for your interest in adding braille to your business cards. Braille not only sends a message about accessibility it is also a great way to make your business card stand out!

The most efficient process for incorporating braille onto business cards is to start with an uncut sheet of business cards supplied by a printer. 

What we require?

  1. Business cards printed 8 to 12 per sheet, uncut on an 8 "x11" card stock paper. Minimum sheet parameter is 6 inches; maximum sheet parameter is 14". 
  2. 80 lbs paper stock (not too thin or thick). 
  3. No raised logos. If you have cards with raised text/graphics, please send us a sample to determine if the sheet can be run through our printer.
  4. No high gloss paper or laminated paper. If you have cards with high gloss paper or laminated paper, please send us a sample to determine if the sheet can be run through our printer. 

Each card can accommodate up to four lines of braille, with up to 13 braille character. This usually accommodates:

  1. Company name
  2. Individual name
  3. Telephone number
  4. Individual address

If any of the above information exceeds the braille character maximum, we will ask you to provide a shortened version.
For example: The first initial and last name or dropping the company name.

Return shipping for completed orders is included unless a special courier is required or a faster delivery time required.

Please print out an order form and clearly fill it out and submit with your uncut sheets of business card by mail or courier to:

Accessible Printing Inc.
National Transcription Service
150 Bloor Street West
Mezzanine Level,
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2X9
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