Accessible Web Development Services

1 Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing involves measuring the ease with which disabled users can complete common tasks on your website. Accessibility testing on your website can lead to:

  • A truly accessible and usable website, easy for users to complete your goal for them.
  • An increased understanding of persons with vision loss and disabled users and buy-in into accessibility.

Deliverables from the accessibility testing

Following the completion of the accessibility testing you'll receive a full report and an oral presentation summarizing the main points. The report outlines the findings, both positive and negative, from the accessibility testing and offers specific recommendations for optimizing your website's accessibility.

During the accessibility testing

We strongly advise you come and watch the accessibility testing live - it's truly an eye-opening experience. Testing takes place in our purpose-built usability lab and there's a viewing room next door with a one-way mirror between the two rooms. Using state-of-the-art software we capture what the user is doing on-screen, together with audio commentary and a video of the user carrying out the test.

Accessible Printing can carry out accessibility testing with users with a range of disabilities:

  • Visually impaired (screen reader users)
  • Partially sighted (screen magnifier users)
  • Dyslexic
  • Learning difficulties
  • Motor impaired
  • Elderly

During the accessibility testing participants are instructed to think aloud at all times. If they ever fall silent for more than a few seconds they're encouraged to keep talking. Our accessibility testers are expertly trained to ask questions and elicit thoughts in a non-biased and neutral manner.

Before the accessibility testing

Before the accessibility testing is carried out we usually conduct an expert accessibility evaluation of your website. The accessibility evaluation is more cost effective and quicker than accessibility testing, and will highlight issues that would have arisen straightaway in the accessibility testing. We'll combine the findings from the accessibility evaluation with those of the accessibility testing into the one report.

Before conducting the accessibility testing, we design and prepare tasks for participants so that they'll be completing real user journeys on your site. As standard, we run a pilot testing session before launching into the full accessibility testing.

Accessible Web Development Services
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