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12 Remote User Testing

Remote user testing allows you to get all the benefits of a user testing project, without having participants come into a lab. Instead, typical site visitors complete tasks on your website, online from their home or work. Remote user testing allows you to:

  • Monitor participants' ability to complete tasks on your website
  • Gain feedback on how participants found the tasks
  • Ask participants a of questions to ensure all objectives are achieved
  • Gain insights into user behaviours within a wide geographic spread

Deliverables from the remote user testing

Following the completion of the remote user testing you'll receive:

  • A full report outlining the findings, both positive and negative, and offering specific recommendations for maximizing the user experience of your website
  • An oral presentation summarizing the main findings and recommendations
  • Statistical analysis of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction - the findings are amalgamated into the same report

Benefits of remote user testing

Remote user testing gives you benefits that in-person user testing doesn't. Benefits include:

  • Ability to test participants over a wide geographical area (internationally if necessary)
  • Very cost effective way of testing a large sample
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collected

How we run the remote user testing

The testing is done through purpose-built remote user testing software which enables users to access the test over the Internet, without downloading any software. Participants are then prompted to complete tasks on your website. Remote testing can be done moderated or un-moderated.

Tasks set for users and questions asked will generally be the same as during in-person testing, although tasks will be more specific due to the lower level of flexibility with remote testing.

Moderated remote user testing

During a moderated testing session, an interviewer will be in live telephone contact with each participant. Participants are instructed to think aloud at all times to provide insights into how they're finding the tasks. This will also enable us ask questions and probe further.

If participants fall silent for more than a few seconds they're gently encouraged to keep talking. Our moderators are expertly trained to ask questions and elicit thoughts in a non-biased and neutral manner.

Un-moderated user testing

Un-moderated testing is suitable for validating results of in-person testing rather than as stand-alone research. With un-moderated testing, participants can conduct the testing at any time during the day from any location. We'll be on hand on phone and instant messenger if participants need any assistance.

Participants will complete the tasks without direct contact with an interviewer. Further information and feedback on how users found the tasks is gained through a series of feedback requests and questions generated to the participant through the testing software.

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