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11 Persona Creation

Following on from the user research we conduct for you, most likely to include user interviews, we'll develop a set of personas for you. The use of personas has the following benefits:

  • Your website will achieve your business goals both in the short- and long-term
  • Users will easily be able to (and want to) achieve your goals for them
  • Key stakeholders will better understand your users so will make better decisions

About personas

A persona is a fictional character representing one particular user group and is created after rigorously analyzing and categorizing data from user research. We'll likely develop 2-6 personas for you, based on comprehensive user interviews & contextual enquiry.

Personas provide powerful (yet quick and simple) guidance for any website strategy and planning decisions. Personas are brought to life and made credible by including personal details (such as a name, age, background and a photo).They capture the most important information about each user group, to include:

  • Goals - What users are trying to achieve, such as tasks they want to perform
  • Behaviour - Online and offline behaviour patterns, helping to identify user’s goals
  • Attitudes - Relevant attitudes that predict how users will behave
  • Motivations - Why users want to achieve these goals
  • Business objectives - What you ideally want users to do in order to ensure the website is successful

Personas are based on totally different criteria to traditional market research. Market research usually focuses on user demographics, which for a website strategy isn't at all relevant. The personas we create are the underpinning component of any website project and will:

  • Put you inside the minds of your users
  • Form the foundation of all future website strategy and planning
  • Unite all internal stakeholders so they are focused around user’s needs
Accessible Web Development Services
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