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10 Mobile & Tablet User Testing (Blackberry, iPhone & iPad, etc.)

Mobile phone user testing (including Blackberry / iPhone user testing) and other mobile device testing (such as Blackberry, iPad, etc. user testing) allows us to evaluate the user experience of your website or mobile app on mobile devices. We'll produce design recommendations that will:

  • Help you optimize your website or application for use on mobile devices
  • Make it easier to use your services on touchscreen devices like the Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Improve the usability across platforms and operating systems, including web browsers, Blackberry OS, iOS, Android, Microsoft etc.

Why Accessible Printing for Mobile and Tablet User Testing?

Accessible Printing is a leading user experience agency and we've conducted many user testing projects over the years. On average, we run user testing sessions every single working day of the year across web, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

We're passionate about mobile user experience and keep up-to-date on the latest trends in mobile interfaces and products. We fully understand Blackberry, iPhone and iPad usability requirements, allowing us to provide you with actionable cutting-edge recommendations.

Our Mobile User Testing Facilities

Our mobile user testing facilities are designed to ensure that participants can use their mobile phone (e.g. Blackberry / iPhone) or tablet (e.g. Blackberry / iPad) in a natural way. Our flexible labs allow us to carry out Blackberry / iPhone user testing and Blackberry / iPad user testing in either a living room or office-type environment.

Our client viewing room can seat up to 10 people comfortably. You can view an enlarged live streaming video of the participant's mobile phone screen, as well as see them through a one-way mirror (great for seeing their body language).

At the end of the testing we'll provide you with video recordings of each mobile user testing session. However, viewing participants using your mobile website or app live is an eye-opening experience so we strongly recommend you come and watch.

Our Mobile User Testing Process

The user testing process for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, other mobile phones and other portable devices typically includes the following stages:

  1. Planning
  2. We'll work very closely with you to thoroughly plan the mobile user testing sessions around your mobile strategy and business objectives. We'll precisely define the research objectives, scenarios, mobile/tablet operating systems (e.g. Blackberry, iPhone, iPad) and who we're going to recruit for the mobile user testing.

  3. Recruitment
  4. We usually recruit 6-15 participants through our specialist partner recruiters. We're able to find users who fit any criteria, such as owners of specific brands or models of mobile phones, or people who have certain types of mobile web browsing or app use behaviours.

  5. Facilitating Sessions
  6. We will facilitate the 1-on-1 mobile user testing sessions with participants always thinking aloud. Our moderators are expertly trained to ask questions and elicit thoughts in a non-biased and neutral manner.

  7. Expert Analysis
  8. Immediately after the mobile user testing sessions, we'll review all the findings. We'll discuss all the issues and brainstorm a large number of possible solutions for your Blackberry, iPhone or iPad website or app.

  9. Recommendation-Focused Reporting
  10. We usually deliver a report, presentation and workshop, with all deliverables being highly recommendation-driven, easy-to-understand and tangible. How we report back to you depends on what we're testing and your requirements.

Timescales & Pricing for Mobile User Testing

A mobile & tablet user testing project typically lasts for 2-5 weeks, depending on the scope. The pricing also depends on the scope - please get in touch so we can talk through your mobile, Blackberry, iPhone & iPad user testing requirements to enable us to provide you with a quote.

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