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8 Interaction Design & User Interface Design

Whether you're creating or reworking a website, web-based application, desktop application, or something in-between, we can help with our interaction design & user interface design service. Using our interaction design & user interface design expertise, we'll ensure that we develop an engaging and effective offering for all your customers. Ultimately this will:

  • Increase task completion and conversion rates
  • Improve the user experience
  • Encourage users to return again and again

If you're developing a website or web based application we can also build the finished page templates through our accessible CSS web design service, following on from the interaction design process.

Methodology for interaction design & user interface design

  • User research & requirements gathering
  • The interaction design & user interface design process typically begins with us gaining a detailed understanding of your user’s goals, your business goals and your measures of success. We'll therefore need to spend time upfront with key stakeholders to understand your precise needs and scope out the project.

    We'll conduct in-depth user research with an emphasis on actionable insights into your customer’s needs, goals and behaviours. We'll identify opportunities for your product to meet these needs and document these insights in the form of personas and scenarios of usage.

  • User interface design
  • We'll create interaction design concepts using the principles of task based design and interaction design patterns. All concepts are based on both your users' needs and your business goals. With your continued feedback on technical feasibility, we'll develop the most effective concepts into an interactive user interface prototype.

    To validate the effectiveness of the interaction design & user interface design, we'll carry out usability testing on the prototype. We'll recruit a small number of individuals from your target audience and have them complete typical tasks. We'll make amendments to the prototype and deliver you annotated wireframes that document the completed user interface, ready for build.

  • Implementation support
  • As interaction design & user interface design practitioners, we recognize that the scope of complex products can change during their implementation. We'll be available to make quick turnaround changes to your product's design during its development so that you don't have to compromise on deadlines or the user experience.

Accessible Web Development Services
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