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4 Focus Group Research

Focus groups are an ideal way for you to:

  • Find out what information site visitors want (and don't want) on your website
  • Discover things your website should be doing
  • Gather feedback on existing ideas for your website
  • Get into the minds of your site visitors

Deliverables from focus group research

The final deliverables are usually:

  • Written report outlining the findings from the focus group research
  • Presentation summarizing all results and findings
  • Live viewing of focus groups
  • Invaluable insights into the way your users think

What is focus group research?

A focus group involves a group of 6-8 participants discussing a range of topics, led by a highly experienced Accessible Printing moderator. The invited participants are always representative of your typical site visitors. The output from focus groups feeds directly into future website design and strategy decisions.

Focus groups research can be invaluable because:

  • People are able to build on each other's responses and come up with more ideas than they would in a 1-on-1 session
  • Participants can act as checks-and-balances on each other (e.g. identifying factual errors or extreme views)
The focus groups are run in a room with a large table and a number of comfortable chairs.
Alternatively we can run the focus groups in our 'lounge' with everyone sitting on comfortable sofas.

The focus groups usually take place in our purpose-built meeting room, complete with microphones and cameras. There's a viewing room next door with a large one-way mirror between the two rooms so you can watch the focus groups live, in real time.

What you'll gain from focus group research

The information gleaned from the focus groups will of course depend on your goals. You may, for example, wish to find out:

  • How people perceive your organisation
  • What kind of functionality or content your website should offer
  • How people react to a particular interface or design

Whatever your goal(s) for the focus group research, Accessible Printing’s experienced moderators will ensure the conversation remains focused on finding out the information most relevant to you.

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