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5 Front-end Build

Our front-end build experts develop immaculate HTML, JavaScript & CSS templates that you can plug into your CMS with absolute ease.

We've been producing standards-compliant front-end code for many years. Our websites are all fully accessible, SEO optimized and deliver the best in-class user experience.

Why Accessible Printing for front-end build?

We've done the front-end build for 100s of websites, always using the most up-to-date coding methods (recently including HTML5 and CSS3). We've also trained 100s of people in front-end build techniques and are one of the leaders in web standards front-end build.

We always deliver front-end templates that:

  • Are fully search engine optimized
  • Adhere to the highest accessibility standards (up to & beyond AA-compliance)
  • Provide a highly engaging user experience
  • Offer outstanding usability

Our front-end build templates form the foundations of the best websites because they're usually (but not always) based on our customer experience strategy, in-depth user research and user experience design processes.

Deliverables for front-end build

Whether you want a completely new website, improved mobile presence or a redeveloped online application, our front-end build expertise delivers highly efficient, optimized HTML templates.

Through our front-end build processes, we always build websites that deliver:

  • Advanced user interactions
  • Using the latest JavaScript (and AJAX) technologies, users easily and seamlessly interact with web pages to create outstanding and memorable experiences

  • Best practice SEO
  • With a very low code-to-content ratio and keyword-rich content placed towards the top of the HTML document, all front-end web pages are fully optimized for search engines

  • Highest possible accessibility standards
  • Our front-end web pages are always up to (& beyond) AA-compliance, web standards compliant and cross-browser compatible.

  • Super-fast download speeds
  • Our incredibly efficient and ruthless coding minimizes all files sizes, ensuring as rapid a download speed as possible

  • Print-friendly formats
  • When users print a page just the company logo and page content will appear on the printed version

Process for front-end build

We deliver front-end templates that work for your CMS, working closely with your development team (in-house or agency) to ensure smooth integration. The front-end build process usually consists of:

  • Planning & familiarization with scenarios
  • We’ll have in-depth conversations with you to uncover all page scenarios. By taking the time to go through this planning phase we can deliver you ‘bulletproof’ web pages – the integrity of the page layout won’t break when instances that weren’t reflected on the design occur.
    • Front-end build of pages
    • We’ll then commence with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript build of the pages. We’ll splice up the images from the graphic designs to create the finished web pages.

    • Browser compatibility testing
    • We’ll test the front-end web pages in every major modern browser across both PC and Mac. We’ll insert browser filters to ensure the site appears correctly across all browsers.

    • Final testing

      We'll run the pages through a rigorous front-end build checklist to ensure that all web pages are ‘bulletproof’ and won’t break under any circumstance once the site goes live. The final testing also includes a wide range of accessibility testing, ensuring the site offers the highest levels of accessibility.

    • Template handover

      We’ve developed a template handover process designed to be as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. We’ll create detailed documentation outlining any and all front-end code rules you should be aware of. We’ll then provide ongoing support and supervision as the templates are integrated into your CMS and back-end systems.

Accessible Web Development Services
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