History & Culture

Accessible Printing was originally founded in 2002, by Kelly Robbins who had a vision and mission to improve online customer experiences. At that time, the company had no staff, no office, no reputation and no capital. Since then, the company has gone from virtually zero to one of the most respected consultancies in the alternate format and user experience industry.

We do things differently (and better) to our competitors so repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals have fueled massive growth. In the first few years, the company experienced year-on-year growth of over 300%. Accessible Printing is based in the Greater Toronto Area, with secure sites acting as purpose-built research labs and production centres, and an enviable list of household name clients based in Canada, USA and across the world.

How We Do Things

Accessible Printing is a young dynamic company and you can't get a job with us unless you're totally passionate about what you do. We encourage everyone here to spend time doing research, writing articles and developing themselves and their knowledge in the direction of their choice.

There's also a strong culture here of working in long-term relationships with clients. Although it's a bit of a cliché, we strongly believe that our client relationships are partnerships. In return for our honesty and integrity we expect you as a client to be committed to an ongoing, close and collaborative working relationship. It's only by working in this way that we can develop your intimate knowledge of your organizational needs.

Our Values

In a recent company get-together we decided that the Accessible Printing way is based on the following core values:

Can-Do Attitude

We always strive to be positive and find practical win-win solutions to any problem whenever possible.

Your View is Valued

It doesn't matter who you are or where you sit in our company, we care about what you think and everyone has a voice.

Open & Honest

You won't get any nonsense from us as we're honest and transparent; we call a spade a spade and we don't have 'heirs and graces!'.

Keep it Simple

We keep things simple because we want everyone to understand us; we strive to demystify complex topics, making them accessible to everyone.

Knowledge Sharing

We share what we know with each other and our clients freely; we want everyone to know what we know so just try and shut us up!

Everyone Joins In

It doesn't matter how senior you are, there are no tasks beneath anyone in the company; we strive to help each other out without having to be asked.

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